The MCR Committee

The committee represents the students of the MCR and is always working towards making life at New College easier, more fun and more social.

Photo of Nico Han

Nico Han


Nico studies MPhil in International Relations. She spends her time attempting to theorise big and small things of social realities. Nico was born in China and later immigrated to Canada. In addition to being active in MCR, Nico is a founder of the Oxford Diplomatic Society. She loves nice chats over long breakfast, and long walks after lunch.

Photo of Ufuk Altunbüken

Ufuk Altunbüken

Vice President

Ufuk is reading for an MPhil in Economics and spends his days scribbling cryptic equations on his oversized whiteboard. In his free time, he can be found playing basketball, reading and writing in the New College cloisters, or having joyful banter with our porter Stewart.

Photo of Steffen Ridderbusch (he/him)

Steffen Ridderbusch (he/him)


Steffen is reading for a DPhil in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems, a topic that is too trendy for how much mathematics it involves. Apart from labouring over equations and code, he sweats through various workouts and might row again next year. Having recently discovered mindfulness, you might spot him sitting very still on a bench outside.

Photo of Jordan Lian

Jordan Lian


Jordan is an MPhil student in the Medieval and Modern Languages department studying Russian. More specifically, her research focuses on ballet and dance in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. In her free time, Jordan enjoys music, art, watching films, running and working out, and enjoying good food.

Photo of Makiko Miyazaki

Makiko Miyazaki

Social Secretary

Makiko is pursuing an MPhil in International Relations. Besides contemplating IR theories and examining archival materials, she sings in the Oriel College Chapel Choir, dances, and attempts rowing. As Social Secretary, she organizes events such as BOPs, exchange dinners, and second desserts. She loves the MCR community and looks forward very much to meeting you.

Photo of Ben Randhawa-Hiscock

Ben Randhawa-Hiscock

Social Secretary

Ben is in his second year reading for an MPhil in Economics, with a focus on fiscal and monetary policy. To put off studying, Ben will be found attending every college event possible and filling his day with football, rowing, and cricket.

Photo of Siddhartha Datta

Siddhartha Datta

House Officer

Siddhartha is pursuing a DPhil in Computer Science, and as House Officer, is committed to pampering and nurturing the Pavilion. His time goes to retaining a warm and positive atmosphere. This means keeping all the facilities clean and upgraded, providing new and exciting provisions for consumption or social use, and managing our MCR’s most precious asset.

Photo of Veerle Brans

Veerle Brans

Welfare Officer

Veerle is a fourth-year DPhil student in Biomedical Engineering. As Welfare Officer, she facilitates the practice of holistic health among MCR members, e.g. welfare teas, art nights, mindfulness workshops. Along the MCR team of trained peer supporters, she is available to chat confidentially about anything that might concern you.

Photo of Amalie Bronér

Amalie Bronér

Bar Officer

Amalie is reading for an MPhil in European Politics and Society. As Bar Rep, she keeps the MCR bar well-stocked and running smoothly for any other MCR members who need to procrastinate. She’s always on the lookout for new recommendations for drinks to add to the bar’s stock for any student who needs to drown their sorrows.

Photo of Devarchan Banerjee

Devarchan Banerjee

Equality and Diversity

Devarchan is doing a DPhil at the Said Business School. His career is in international development and social impact and he is passionate about inclusion . In case there’s anything you’ve experienced at the College/University that has made you felt uncomfortable, or have ideas to celebrate your culture/identity or just miss home. Feel free to reach out!

Photo of Eleanor Lischka

Eleanor Lischka

Women's officer
Photo of Noemie Bannerot

Noemie Bannerot

Women's officer

Noémie is pursuing a Master in English literature and English-French translation and she hopes that google translation and other robots won’t steal her job. She can be found almost at all times in the NC library writing essays; when she isn’t there she is probably listening to abba whilst missing her cats and drinking tea or eating cheese and playing video games.

Photo of Aidan Manley

Aidan Manley

Sports Rep/ Vice Admiral of Punts

Aidan is a DPhil in Chemistry. When not wondering why his code has inexplicably produced imaginary numbers, he is usually waking up at dawn for rowing outings, kicking a football against a wall while reminding himself of Einstein’s definition of insanity or sobbing over Newcastle United’s most recent result.

Photo of Tom Sweeney

Tom Sweeney

LGBTIQ+ Representative
Photo of Emily Jin

Emily Jin

Bike Rep

Emily is doing a DPhil in Computational Biology type things (the actual title of the course is too long to say). She loves cooking and baking, and will eat pretty much anything that is put in front of her. Her main means of procrastination include drinking fancy tea, playing ukulele, and fixing bikes.

Photo of Russell Buchanan

Russell Buchanan

Bike Rep

Russell is doing a DPhil in Robotics Engineering. As the Bike Rep, Russell maintains the MCR’s fleet of bicycles which are free for members to borrow. He also organizes bike repair workshops during term where members can tune up and repair their bikes for free or very little cost.

Photo of Giulia Bernardini (she/they)

Giulia Bernardini (she/they)

Arts & Culture Rep, Memelord of the MCR

Giulia is doing a DPhil in History. She joined the MCR Committee back in 2018 undertaking the role of LGBTQ+ Rep and Sports Rep. Currently she is our Arts & Culture Representative, which among other things means that she is in charge of board games, videogame consoles and musical instruments at the Pavilion, and organises subsidised cultural events for the MCR.

Photo of Valentino Gargano

Valentino Gargano

Arts & Culture Rep

Valentino is reading for a MSt in Greek and Latin Languages and Literature. As Art and Culture rep, he is responsible for MCR culture, e.g. poetry nights, theatre nights, exhibitions, the MCR library. He would like to encourage more inclusive and cross-cultural discussion on art, as well as to provide a space for reflection on LGBTIAQ+ culture.

Photo of Dorian Muntean (he/him)

Dorian Muntean (he/him)

First Year Rep

Dorian is reading for a DPhil in Organic Chemistry, where he investigates the development of new antibiotics. When he is not in the lab, he enjoys visiting museums, seeing a play at the theater, or just going on a walk to Port Meadows.

As a First Year Rep, Dorian organizes movie nights and makes sure that all freshers are fairly represented on the MCR committee.