New College MCR

The New College Middle Common Room is made up of over 300 students from nearly 60 countries around the world, studying everything from Greek tragedy to planetary astrophysics.

No matter where you are in your intellectual journey, your time at Oxford ought to be a challenging and rewarding experience, and the MCR is here to help you get the most out of it. Please feel free to reach out to any other Committee member with questions, comments, or suggestions about college life or Oxford in general.



Nothing brightens than a surprise bit of chocolate in your pidge. Chocolate Fairy. Table of Contents MCR Support Peer…

Emergency Support

Nothing is scarier than having an emergency and being short on money, or having a broken bike or a laptop. Bike…

Social Life

Each term, the MCR offers various events for members to come together. You can learn about these events on our Facebook…


New College has one of the largest sports grounds in Oxford, and they are conveniently located just behind the pavilion.…

The Bar

We have the (arguably) cheapest bar in Oxford, run by the community, always providing a good time as well as a wide…


The MCR own various items that can be borrowed by members, like bikes, instruments, board games or books. Bikes The MCR…


Emergency Support

Here, life is not so bad, even when it is bad


Fantastic Bar

Definitely the best value


Great People

We have one of the most engaged and motivated committees