Spaces in College

The main site of college is beautiful, and offers many places to exist and enjoy, as well as various music facilities. For a map of our beautiful college see here



We have one of the most beautiful cloisters in Oxford, the earliest in origination and enclosed in design (i.e. it does not go anywhere). It is a good environment for contemplation, admiration, and photogeny with the tree filmed in the fourth Harry Potter film.


One special jewel to our College is our beloved chapel. Its doors are always open for prayer and worship, and regularly offers services. These services (e.g. evensong) is a must-attend, with the stunning voices of the New College choir! Feel free to check up on services on their main site to attend in all its glory!


New College is home to a vast garden, supporting all sorts of flora and fauna on the periphery, beautiful trees and benches to take in the views along the garden, and one giant mound eloquently entitled “The Mound” right in the centre for the adventurous to climb up and take in the breathtaking air.

Clore Music Studios

For those interested in booking one of the Clore rooms for instrument/ singing practice, enter this link.

Click on the room that best suits your purposes and book in via the booking system on the website. It is all nice and clear, and there is even a map so that you can find your room. Most rooms are equipped with particularly sexy grand Steinways.

Before your Clore slot, head to the New College Main Site Porter’s Lodge, where one of our lovely porters will swap your Bod card for the key to the Clore Studios. Once you are done with practice, head back to the lodge and they will return your Bod card.


The JCR is a warm and nourishing community for the greater New College community - be sure to receive some of this nourishment at the JCR bar, make some new friends when sharing meals in the dining hall, or just engaging in good times at BOPs or rowing!