Coming to a new place and making new friends requires a way to communicate, which these days mostly happens via the internet.


College Emails

As part of the MCR you will be added to the college run email list Messages from the college list will have a subject line that starts with [New-MCR] and will general be announcements from the SCR. Posting to the MCR list is restricted to the committee, some SCR members, and the college administration. If you feel you are not receiving these emails, then please contact the college IT office at

Social Events Emails

There is a second list, [New-MCR-Social] which is maintained by the MCR student committee, and you should contact the secretary or the social secretaries if you are having problems receiving these emails.

How to join: Send an email to In the subject line of your message, type in: subscribe newmcr-l Firstname Name (indicate your own first name and name). You can leave the message body blank. For more information about the Oxford mailing list system (which a number of societies and departments use as well) see


The MCR has a Microsoft Teams channel that hosts non-public information. To join, search your email inbox for the instructions, specifically for the join code starting with wqp.

Notably, the Teams contains various helpful files, the social events calendar, and a notice board with external information.

Internet Access

Computers in the MCR and the JCR are connected to the University network and the internet. Ethernet connections are available in all student rooms. Simply plug your ethernet-ready computer into the hub in your room and you should be prompted to fill out a registration form. Follow the instructions to gain ‘instant’ internet access. If you have any problems, you can email at

There is wifi available in the Spoom, JCR, and library. The first time you use the wireless network you need to register in the same way as you did for the wired network. This is because your wireless card has a different network ID to your wired one. For this you need your university card. Afterward, you just log on as follows. The wireless network to use is called ‘NewCollegeWifi’.