The current MCR committee can be found below. Any member can be contacted at

Nico Han

Nico studies MPhil in International Relations. She spends her time attempting to theorise big and small things of social realities. Nico was born in China and later immigrated to Canada. In addition to being active in MCR, Nico is a founder of the Oxford Diplomatic Society. She loves nice chats over long breakfast, and long walks after lunch.

As President, Nico represents New College MCR members in relation to the College and Uni. Everyone is encouraged to reach out to Nico regarding anything about College life.

Ufuk Altunbüken

Ufuk is reading for an MPhil in Economics and spends his days scribbling cryptic equations on his oversized whiteboard. In his free time, he can be found playing basketball, reading and writing in the New College cloisters, or having joyful banter with our porter Stewart.

As Vice-President, Ufuk advises the president, runs committee elections, and is responsible for the academic community within the MCR. He also organizes Freshers' Fortnight and examines the accounts of our treasurer in excruciating detail.

Steffen Ridderbusch

Steffen is reading for a DPhil in Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems, a topic that is too trendy for how much mathematics it involves. Apart from labouring over equations and code, he sweats through various workouts and might row again next year. Having recently discovered mindfulness, you might spot him sitting very still on a bench outside.

Jordan Lian

Jordan is an MPhil student in the Medieval and Modern Languages department studying Russian. More specifically, her research focuses on ballet and dance in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union. In her free time, Jordan enjoys music, art, watching films, running and working out, and enjoying good food.

Alexandra Swanepoel
Social Secretary

Alex is Head of Operations of Ufonia, an Oxford University Innovation Startup developing natural-language artificial intelligence for clinical settings. She's also an Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa, and is now reading for the MSt in International Human Rights Law having previously completed her economics and LLB degrees at the University of Cape Town. Alex is passionate about using tech to solve complex challenges in health and law in order to help make people's lives easier.

In her spare time during the pandemic she watched countless hours of Netflix, cooked just-above-average food, started many books she never finished, and endlessly scrolled for memes. She’s looking forward to organising fun (and Covid-safe) social events for the MCR, so she can hang out with real people again.

Makiko Miyazaki
Social Secretary

Makiko is doing an MPhil in International Relations. Born in Japan, she has spent most of her life abroad in the States, Switzerland, and the UK, and she considers Oxford one of her favourite places in the world. When she is not discussing IR theories and historical evidence, she sings in the Oxford Belles, Oxford’s oldest all-female a cappella group. She loves Broadway musicals, Disney films, and British comedies (especially Blackadder!) and is always excited to meet new people.

As Social Secretary, Makiko organises events for the MCR community, a task she finds particularly meaningful as the pandemic has shown us the value of staying connected. If you have any events you’d like to see or would just like a chat, please do get in touch! 

Veerle Brans
Welfare Officer

Veerle is a fourth-year DPhil student in Biomedical Engineering, where she looks into the application of microbubbles and ultrasound in immunotherapy. Next to her degree, she can be found doing all kinds of sports, including running, hockey, tennis and rowing.

As Welfare Officer, she cares about your experiences at Oxford and facilitates the practice of holistic health among MCR members, for example by organising welfare teas, art nights, mindfulness and meditation workshops, and yoga. Along the MCR team of trained peer supporters, she is available to chat confidentially and on a one-to-one basis about anything that might concern you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Siddhartha Datta
House Officer

Siddhartha is pursuing a DPhil in Computer Science, robustifying neural network architecture against hurting others (and sometimes itself). When not working in the Wolfson Building, you will find him working in the MCR Spoom, working in the TV room, working … the pandemic closed all the fun stuff in Oxford, you get the picture. In another time and land, Sidd takes aerial photographs of cities and scenery with drones, proving once more that it is talent, not technology, that makes good art.

Being House Officer means he is committed to pampering, nurturing, and investing in the Pavilion. His time goes to retaining a warm and positive atmosphere. This means keeping all the facilities clean and upgraded, providing new and exciting provisions for consumption or social use, and managing our MCR’s physical assets in this precious real estate.

Amalie Bronér
Bar rep

Amalie is reading for an MPhil in European Politics and Society, which makes her a very dedicated committee member when she's got an essay she's trying to avoid. Her procrastination has driven her to be Bar Rep, keeping the MCR bar well-stocked and running smoothly for any other MCR members who need to procrastinate.

When not serving drinks and restocking the bar, she is a keen rower and will try to recruit you to the boat club. She is lactose-intolerant and doesn't like cheese, which makes her Lorenzo's arch-nemesis. She's always on the lookout for new recommendations for drinks to add to the bar's stock for any student who needs to drown their sorrows.

Lorenzo Venturini
Bar rep

Lorenzo is doing a DPhil in Biomedical Imaging, and spends his days looking at brains and trying to figure out how they fit together. As bar rep, he works to keep the bar well-stocked, and regularly samples our selection for quality control.

Lorenzo can reliably be found at MCR events, especially those which involve free food and drink. He enjoys rowing to an unhealthy degree, and memorises useless trivia in his spare time to hone his pub quiz skills. His primary motivation in life is the consumption of large quantities of cheese.

Jemma Paek
Arts and Culture

Jemma is reading a MSt in Russian, with a special focus on queer representation in post-Soviet cinema. When she is not speed-writing essays (down to the wire) she enjoys nothing more than eating delicious things, drinking delicious things, knitting and watching Twin Peaks simultaneously (knitting more intently at the scary bits), long walks on the beach, etc. etc.

As an Arts and Culture rep alongside Sophie, Jemma is focused on organizing COVID secure events such as online talks with authors and sports personalities. She has her fingers crossed for the opportunity to host more in-person events in 2021, like pottery workshops in Jericho and guided tours around the Ashmolean. If you have any questions or suggestions for things you'd like to see from the Arts and Culture committee, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Giulia Bernardini
Sports Representative

Giulia is doing a DPhil in History in the spare time when she's not playing as striker for the New College Women's Football Club. Understandably bored of being secluded in dusty archives, she decided to join the MCR Committee back in 2018 undertaking the role of LGBTQ+ Rep before moving on to Sports Rep. Her job is to make sure that the MCR is equipped with rackets, croquet clubs, balls, dumbbells and much more, as well as keeping you up to date with the latest news regarding sports facilities available to you at New College. If you have any question related to sports activities on college grounds (including punts!), feel free to get in touch via email at Alternatively, the easiest way to track Giulia is to leave a trail of snacks leading to the PlayStation in the TV room at the Weston Pavilion.

Breanne Boughan
Women's officer

Breanne is a DPhil student in Zoology studying wild chimpanzee behaviour in Uganda. When she isn’t running around the world chasing primates of all types, she enjoys music, reading, and generally being outdoors.

As women’s officer, she is responsible for representing the interests of self-identifying women within the MCR. She aims to promote inclusivity and be available to all women to support them through any issues they may be facing during their time at Oxford, either as an ear to listen or as an advocate for possible solutions. She will also curate and communicate events across Oxford aimed at women and organise smaller events specifically for the MCR.

Sophie Nagler
LGBTQ+ Representative

Sophie is reading for the BPhil in Philosophy. Whenever she is not talking or writing about logic, Sophie enjoys regular workouts on the Sports Field, rowing, classical music, and boardgames.

As LGBTIQ+ officer, Sophie organises both educational events aimed at the broader MCR community as well as get-togethers for the MCR’s LGBTIQ+ community such as regular dinners, film nights, or boardgame nights. She also has an open ear for all LGBTIQ+-specific welfare concerns and will energetically support you should encounter any issues during your time at New College. Whether you are looking for a one-on-one chat, new LGBTIQ+ friends, or information about the community at New College, do not hesitate to contact Sophie.

Sophie is also the Editor-in-Chief of The New Collection, New College's annual peer-reviewed graduate journal. If you are interested in submitting an article or becoming a part of the editorial team, please get in touch with her.

Juliette Holland
First Year Representative

Juliette is doing an MSt in Modern Languages, and spends her days trying (and generally failing) to get to grips with French philosophy.

While normal activities are off the cards in COVID times, her hobbies are currently restricted to far too many walks and trips to Pret.

As First Year Representative, Juliette organises social events throughout the year and is looking forward to holding some in-person events soon!

Malina Graf
Disabilities Representative

Malina is doing a DPhil in Clinical Neurosciences and spends her days trying to keep her neuronal cell cultures alive and looking in awe at microscopy pictures. In her free time, Malina enjoys making music, baking, photography, chatting about important and unimportant things, and chocolate.

Malina represents MCR students with disabilities in the MCR committee, New College, and the university. This includes all kinds of disability, such as physical, mental, sensory, cognitive, or developmental, whether recognised or not. As your disability rep Malina will be someone to talk to if you need a chat about how your MCR, college, and the university can support you better and how to go about getting the support you need.

Russell Buchanan
Bike Rep

Russell is doing a DPhil in Robotics Engineering which, hopefully, will be the last career to be completely automated. As a result of the pandemic he has found new passions in sourdough, gardening and discovering the UK through hiking and camping.

As the Bike Rep, Russell maintains the MCR's fleet of bicycles which are free for members to borrow. He also organizes bike repair workshops during term where members can tune up and repair their bikes for free or very little cost.

Paula Larsson
Equality and Diversity

Paula Larsson is in her final year of a doctoral degree in the History of Medicine. Born in Canada, her research focuses on the history of vaccine policy over the past century. She is founder and director of Uncomfortable Oxford, a student led enterprise that seeks to raise awareness of local histories of inequality and discrimination. In her free time, she is an enthusiastic writer and story-teller, and enjoys playing board games of all types. Although terrible at croquet, she can never refuse when challenged.

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